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🎫 I went to Devfest Nantes, 2021 edition

November 15, 2021

October is a good month for me because it’s the month I attend conferences to stay open-minded in all circumstances…

A few weeks ago I was at this event for two days. I attend this event every year for my personal technological watch.

This is an annual event promoted by the GDG France located in Nantes.

This year, I focused my exploration on the cloud and security (in short the theme of the moment).

What have I learned ?

Here it is a few keywords I noticed to follow my learning in the next few weeks :

  • You can make everything you want in the cloud with Google Anthos
  • Cluster API (​kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api) could be useful for any project to manage a Kubernetes fleet of clusters across multiple cloud providers like Microsoft Azure or AWS for example.
  • A quick discovery of a stateless solution : Cloud Run in GCP.
  • A reminder for the main cloud design patterns and the well-architected tools…
  • Many other thing…

All the reruns of the conferences are available on Youtube (mainly in French) at this url :​v=Y59gT4Q5RpA&t=49s

Here it is the conferences I have seen by category and by order of preference:


Level Unlocked: GitOps to the Edge and Infrastructure Provisioning :





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Words by Sylvain MARTIN an experienced developer living in Nantes in France. I am passionnate of innovation and WEB technologies. You should follow me on Twitter