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Tips for investing in your learning resources and save money

February 07, 2022

IT professionals, including architects, need to have a great knowledge of technology, learning techniques and business organization.

Much of this knowledge comes from study and day-to-day work, but honing it sometimes requires investing in solid long-term learning resources.

It can sometimes be tempting to buy the current selection of books from different publishers to become an expert on a technology or topic.

Computer books are expensive and the companies that employ us are not necessarily inclined to finance especially since they sometimes have their own learning platforms that are not always adapted to your aspirations.

For my part, I learn more easily with paper books because of my emotional relationship to books.

Knowing your best method of assimilating knowledge is a huge advantage in my opinion when you want to learn throughout your life.

I’m afraid that if you want to progress in a field and become a real scholar on a subject, for most of you, you will have to buy books

Sometimes buying a module on a learning platform can be a good solution, but it can be time-consuming and unsuitable depending on what you are looking for.

You know the saying: « Knowledge is Power ».

Maybe you are like me, you have a limited budget while technology and techniques are constantly accelerating.

But then, how not to spend all his personal fortune in knowledge?

Some free tips from my experience:

  • 💰 Set a monthly budget.

  • 🤝 If you are a professional, negotiate a budget with your company, a company that refuses this conversation does not deserve your value.

  • The paid books or online module are not always essentials, sometimes a free presentation on YouTube is enough.

  • Favor media with several modes of visual/sound representation, think of all your senses :

    👉 don’t forget in general podcasts are free and bring a lot of things.

  • Identify for free what is already present on the internet and compare it with the free summary of the works that you find visible on the sales platforms.

  • Give priority to books on fundamental notions and not on the tools of the moment (unless essential notion to acquire)

  • Separate the budget from fundamental notions and ephemeral notions, define a larger budget for fundamental notions.

  • Resell the books you master, you master a book when you are able to synthesize each chapter and present it to an audience, put the recipe back into the budget. It is easier to resell a physical object than an e-learning module that is sometimes quickly obsolete and associated with a personal account on a platform.

  • You like to write and you have the time, write on a subject that you like, maybe one day you will publish it!

  • Some e-learning platforms have sales at certain times of the year such as Black Friday for example, set alerts to buy at the right time!

  • Organic searches in search engines sometimes direct you to blogs of specialists who are real veins, do not deprive yourself of it.

  • It may seem obvious to you but go to the library, university libraries can be a good plan if you have the budget according to the university.

  • Borrow books even if they are not in the top 10 searches on platforms, sometimes popularity is not representative of quality.

  • Do not deprive yourself of resources intended for the youngest / if you learn a language, you will start more easily on books intended for children.

  • A second-hand version of a less up-to-date book is sometimes a good option to have the essential information.

There are lots of tricks to learn if you have little money. If you have any tips, feel free to share them to help the community.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help you in your daily life as a learner.

In the meantime, don’t forget: a day where you haven’t learned anything is a wasted day.

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Words by Sylvain MARTIN an experienced developer living in Nantes in France. I am passionnate of innovation and WEB technologies. You should follow me on Twitter