🚀Quick discovery of Gatsby a wonder-powerful alternative to Wordpress

July 19, 2021

I have tested a Jamstack (Javascript with GraphQL APIs and Markup) with Gatsby and Netlify to make a blog with markdown (with the mdx file extension for rich editing) during a few days.

On the performance side, my first feedback is rather positive, this is very fast, even on a mobile.

Best of all, this architecture and stack is impressive and easy to learn!

As a reminder, the main steps to build a blog with Gatsby are:

  • install your development environment following the official documentation
  • choose your starter.
  • write your first sample article with markdown (markdown it is a rudimentary way for writing stuff, you should read the official documentation before).
  • setup a headless content management system (CMS that you can use in standalone), you have many choices.
  • write and update your blog posts with or without the CMS
  • build the static site with gatsby build command.
  • publish manually your HTML files from the dist folder in your hoster server.
  • optional: publish the HTML files automatically via a “Github action” pipeline automaticly triggered subsequently to a commit.
  • Last but not the least: secure the application (you should do it at each steps on each layer of your app).

Soon, a post to answer my unanswered questions:

  1. How can I secure and anonymize a Gatsby blog?
  2. Which top 10 plugins should I use to improve my blog with Gatsby?

See you soon

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