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💡 Thought of the day: Asynchronous messaging architecture and timeout requirement to receive an SMS in a web application

August 13, 2021

Today I used a public web application used by thousands of users. The web interface asked me to validate a password confirmation received by a SMS on my phone. There was a ten minute countdown and I was very impatient.

The application informed me that I could never receive my sms and implicitly that I could never connect to the application…. 😰I was warned. I tried several times without success and realized - just because of my knowledge 😉 - the system was running asynchronously with a message queue architecture!

I tried several times for half an hour and managed to log into the app and was able to continue working with the app. phew! I was happy then.

Several hours later, I received all of the SMS I hadn’t received before in the last critical ten minutes. It was unnecessary and disturbing 😡🤬🙈💸.

I think it could have been better designed.

Many solutions exist to set up a fully integrated on-premises messaging architecture like Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ…

You can also use a PASS solution in the cloud, here is an official guide to do this on an Azure environment for example:​us/azure/architecture/guide/​technology-choices/messaging or an equivalent for AWS​blogs/compute/understanding-​asynchronous-messaging-for-​microservices/

💡Some ideas come to mind to improve the solution:

  • configure an exit time (ttl) for all the messages, in order to define a validity of a message which must be notified and or to place it in a queue of dead letters to be able to process it later for example. Here an example for RabbitMQ:​html
  • prevent the application from producing several messages on an event within a period of time.
  • evaluate the change of messaging solution and favor a lower latency solution if this is really necessary.
  • do not prevent access to the connected part of the application if the user has not validated his password.

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Words by Sylvain MARTIN an experienced developer living in Nantes in France. I am passionnate of innovation and WEB technologies. You should follow me on Twitter