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The Jamstack, a daring design to help to promote yourself on the WEB

December 02, 2021

I already write a post on Gatsby before (🚀Quick discovery of Gatsby a wonder-powerful alternative to Wordpress), a wonderfull framework I use combined to Netlify. Let me share with you my vision of « the Jamstack » in 2021.

A blogger is often faced with updates on (CMS), i.e. content management systems. This Damocles sword could give anyone a headache🗡️🤒.

When I’m going through a prolific period for writing, I don’t want to be bothered with any warnings or security alert notifications. ⌛ My time is precious and I want to use it as much as possible in writing.

Above all, my blog is at my expanse and the price of hosting is more and more expensive for a CMS intended to generate dynamic content and mainly linked to a database.

Regarding blog posts and media, do I really need a Mysql or PostgreSQL database?

Idealy, I would like to write my blog posts as style free as possible to focus on the content. I do not want a WISIWIG (What I See Is What I Get) tool anymore. Why ? It is just that it might pollute my mind…

As a first step, I would like to use collaborative tools like Github to store my articles and publish them for free via a commit in the main branch. I could also benefit from a review process with a proofreading committee.

As a second step, I would like to automate the HTML publishing via a file transfer protocol on my host and maybe craft some custom magic elements with a wand. 🧙

Even though I know security is paramount, I would like to decorrelate the sources from the blog itself. No development tools or dependencies on my remote server, just basic html / css / js files with api.

Finally, to promote my editorial content, I just want basic markup (HTML pages) with an RSS feed to stay connected with my audience.

🍒I want my blog to be responsive and cached for mobile, and very lightweight for a low carbon footprint.

There is no silver bullet, my need is a personalized solution, not just centralized in a single product. I’m going to have to put a lot of tools and processes in place to do this.

Aggregating scripts or tools to achieve its ends in a Web architecture is what we call « the jamstack ».

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Words by Sylvain MARTIN an experienced developer living in Nantes in France. I am passionnate of innovation and WEB technologies. You should follow me on Twitter